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Updates & Upgrades

What's worth your investment??alt text here
Feel like your house is outdated? There are things you can do that will help the value of your home, and many things that wont get you your investment back. Additionally if you're in the market to buy, a home WITHOUT updates may work in your favor. I gathered helpful and informative about these exact things. Read it here:
Updates & Upgrades

For Rent: 3 bedroom 1 bath in south city. 3770 Keokuk

Neighborhood Spotlight!!

Southampton: Located in South Saint Louis Cityalt text here As a new part of my site I would like to focus our attention to one great area of St. Louis every month. I'll start September off early! since this is my assistant's birth month lets highlight her charming neighborhood; Southampton. Sometimes Southampton is referred to as SOHA, you may have seen cars with white oval stickers sporting that acronym. Beth has made a guest appearance on the site writing about Southampton for us.
Read about Southampton here
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